ASCO Quayside Facilities Appraisal – Decommissioning

Project Description

Decom Case History Ref: 11, Loadout Slab Assessment, Gas House Quay Gt Yarmouth

Technicus Consulting were appointed by ASCO UK Ltd to provide independent structural verification and engineering consultancy services to evaluate the loading capacity of an existing quay side slab area for offloading of decommissioned subsea equipment.

A site survey was undertaken to determine the general arrangement of below ground features and layout of foundation beams.

Our local knowledge of soil conditions and project experience was fundamental in tracing archive information, reviewing the historic documentation and collating a picture of the type of construction without the need to undertake extensive invasive exploratory works.

A detailed site survey of the equipment currently stored enabled an accurate weight assessment of typical items e.g. wellhead protection frames, lifting beams, subsea templates, bulk materials, valve assemblies, etc.

Calculations and analysis of possible loading arrangements were produced to assess the capacity of the loadout structure. These showed that the primary foundations were capable of supporting the recycled equipment loads, thus allowing the use of the area for storage and onward processing as part of the decommissioning phase.

ASCO Quayside Facilities Appraisal - Decommissioning

More Information
  • Sector: Offshore Decommissioning
  • Client: ASCO UK Ltd
  • Value: Unknown
  • Completion: 2015