Technicus Consulting Launches New Website

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On 4th May 2023 Technicus Consulting’s new website was launched by our web-designers The Local Marketing Team.  Our old website was designed for us back in 2015 (where has that time gone!) and was looking a little dated.  There was too much text making it difficult for clients to find the key information they wanted, some pages were clunky to navigate, and it didn’t display well when viewed on tablets or mobile phones.

Our new 2023 website looks fantastic. Its a modern design and is much easier and quicker to navigate so that our clients can find the important information they require as rapidly as possible.  From simply finding our contact details, to reading news items, or project case studies, it’s all there and easy to find.  Importantly, the new website is compatible with tablets and mobile phones, making it more accessible and useful for everyone using it.

Please take a look around and let us know what you think.