Topside Access Interface (Horne & Wren)

Project Description

Topside Access Platform Horne & Wren Decommissioning

Southern North Sea

Technicus Consulting were appointed by ACN Offshore to provide structural design and engineering consultancy services for a modular access deck to facilitate the removal of the Horne & Wren platform topside structure.

The access platform was located on top of the jacket structure, within an approximate 500mm deep zone below the topside lower deck. The platform was required to provide personnel access to allow the platform stabbing guides to be cut, thus freeing the topside for later removal and decommissioning.

Due to the height and access limitations the deck structure was to be modular (3No sections) with minimal depth and weight, thus providing maximum working room and ease of installation. The 3No modules were to be bolted together once installed on the Horne & Wren jacket.

Technicus Consulting undertook 3D analysis and design calculations for the primary structure, bolted connections between modules and holding down fixings onto the Horne & Wren jacket structure. The final frame comprised 50×100 RHS sections providing robustness and a low profile structure thus meeting the client’s brief.

The access deck was fabricated by ACN Offshore in June 2016 & successfully installed in July 2016. The Horne & Wren platform topside was removed in March 2017.

More Information
  • Sector: Offshore
  • Client: ACN Offshore
  • Value: unknown
  • Completion: July 2016