Tertiary & Secondary Asset Integrity Inspection & Repairs

Project Description

Tertiary & Secondary Asset Integrity

North Sea

Technicus Consulting have been appointed by Perenco UK since 2010 to provide ongoing structural design and consultancy services for their offshore and onshore assets.

This work has included undertaking offshore surveys and designs for intervention to late-life installations and repairs in preparation for decommissioning of offshore assets.

Where our surveys have identified defects we have designed and specified appropriate repair schemes to extend the usable life and integrity of the asset in question. This work has principally focused on maintenance of tertiary and secondary structural elements.

Projects have included survey and repairs to mezzanine deck structures, main deck structures, access staircases, helidecks, conductor guides and more.

We have also carried out surveys, structural analysis and design verification of existing offshore deck structures to facilitate relocation of existing deck equipment, and installation of new equipment. For example replacement of existing gas turbines, new fire deluge systems, and new compressor enclosures. In some cases decks have needed to be structurally verified in their deteriorated condition to support additional loads applied during decommissioning.

More Information
  • Sector: Offshore
  • Client: Perenco UK
  • Value: N/A
  • Completion: 2010 to date