Structural Alterations to Benjamin Britten High School

Project Description

New Drama Studio

Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft

Technicus Consulting was appointed by Benjamin Britten High School to provide structural design and consultancy services for structural alterations to their old Technology Department. This project centred on the client’s requirement to remove 6 no. internal load-bearing steel columns providing support to a large area of the building’s roof structure. This allowed creation of a large open plan class-base for use as a new drama studio.

Technicus Consulting carried out a site survey and ground investigation works to measure-up the existing structure and ascertain ground conditions and existing foundation arrangements. The latter being important to assist with design of new foundations for the new “exo-skeleton” type roof support structure.

Working closely with the client and local authority planners we designed an external steel frame support to the existing roof structure and allow removal of the internal columns. The support frame was carefully designed and developed to keep the overall height less than 4.0m from existing ground level. This allowed the works to be undertaken without planning permission. Keeping the new steelwork outside the building also prevented already tight headroom being further compromised.

Review of structural options with the client and a local steel fabricator ensured Technicus Consulting were able to deliver a cost effective, structurally efficient, and aesthetically pleasing design for the new roof support structure. It also allowed the clients vision to be successfully realised.

More Information
  • Sector: Education
  • Client: Benjamin Britten High School
  • Value: £100,000
  • Completion: Autumn 2014