Hotel Extension & Refurbishment

Project Description

Greyfriars Hotel

High Street Colchester Essex

This project involved the conversion, alteration and refurbishment of an existing Grade II* Listed building into a luxury hotel in the centre of Colchester.

Technicus Consulting was appointed by OMCI to carry out investigations to determine the structural arrangement and condition of the building. The oldest parts of the building date back to the mid-17th century, with many extensions and structural alterations having taken place during the buildings life.

To convert this old building into a Luxury Hotel Technicus Consulting worked closely with OMCI to prepare detailed structural designs and construction drawings for the proposed structural modifications. Internal timber floor structures were strengthened sympathetically using traditional materials wherever possible to support increased loads due to the change of use. However, in some locations modern steel dowel and resin repairs were required to sufficiently strengthen old oak beams, whilst preserving the character and feel of the building.

The works also included design of a new modern steel framed and glazed entrance atrium link structure. This was designed working collaboratively with the specialist glazing supplier to ensure structural deflections were within acceptable limits for the glazing under worst case wind and snow drift loads.

To provide a large open plan function room at ground floor level an innovative steel girder frame was designed and installed to support two storeys of existing load-bearing masonry walls above.#

More Information
  • Sector: Leisure, Conservation & Heritage
  • Client: OMC Investments Limited
  • Value: £7m
  • Completion: Summer 2015