Helideck Load Capacity Appraisal (Anglia A Platform)

Project Description

Anglia A Platform Helideck – Structural Appraisal and Analysis

North Sea

Technicus Consulting were appointed by ENG-CAD Ltd on behalf of Epic International to provide a structural appraisal and analysis of the steel helideck structure on the Anglia A unmanned gas platform.

The Anglia platform located in the Southern North Sea has ceased production and a number of projects were completed on the platform to provide minimal maintenance and costs prior to re-starting production and final decommissioning.

Technicus Consulting’s brief was to undertake an appraisal and subsequent structural analysis of the helideck structure in order to gain certification from the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA). Blast and paint repairs had been undertaken including composite wrap repairs to member and node positions to some areas suffering significant section loss.

A 3D structural analysis model was produced, analysing the helicopter loads in various positions, using CAP guidance. Maximum worst case member utilisation values were calculated to establish an understanding of the level of redundancy in the structure prior to completion of the repair programme.

Technicus Consulting engineers have also previously been involved with surveys and inspections on the Anglia Platform.

More Information
  • Sector: Offshore
  • Client: ENG-CAD Ltd (On behalf of EPIC International)
  • Value: Commercially Confidential
  • Completion: January 2017