Flintwork Cemetery Wall Repairs

Project Description

Great Yarmouth Cemetery Walls

Great Yarmouth

Technicus Consulting has been appointed to undertake various inspections of sections of the extensive walls which extend around the perimeter of the Great Yarmouth cemeteries. The brief included design of temporary support, using a purpose-made propping system, and scaffolding and provision of advice on methods of repairing the friable flintwork, incorporating lime mortar and rubble fill.

The reports were provided on various areas requiring temporary stabilising and partial reconstruction by consolidating rubble fill, reconstructing flintwork and incorporating improvements to prevent future damage due to water penetration.

Partial collapse to a section of wall in Factory Road in 2013, prompted a closure of the adjacent highway. Technicus Consulting advised on the introduction of a purpose-built scaffold arrangement, including kentledge, and closing off to the public for safety to prevent further loss of the historic wall, sited within a Conservation Area.

Reconstruction included the introduction of reinforced concrete cored piers to support masonry, introduction of a movement joint to the adjacent factory unit and foundation design, whilst maintaining the stability of the adjacent section of wall.

More Information
  • Sector: Conservation
  • Client: Great Yarmouth Borough Services
  • Value: Various
  • Completion: 2012 - 2014