Ancillary Offshore Decommissioning Design Services

Project Description

Ancillary Offshore Decommissioning Design Services


Technicus Consulting have provided structural engineering design and consultancy services to Perenco UK since 2010.

The services cover a wide range, including the specific design of ancillary items used to facilitate decommissioning works.

Examples of specialist designs for decom enabling works undertaken by Technicus Consulting include the following.

Gooseneck bunkering saddle – designed to support concrete supply pipes over the edge of a jack-up vessel to facilitate conductor removal and capping works;

Tube racking base – Temporary steel base used for the storage of withdrawn drill and conductor tubes whilst awaiting final removal from the platform

23CD conductor decommissioning: design of new crane boom rest to allow for revised crane stowage to facilitate the installation of concrete silos on deck. Design of silo support bases and associated holding-down fixings. Design of a bunkering saddle base and deck fixings. Design review of local platform deck structure supporting the silo installation.

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