No Job Too Big or Small

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Our Engineers at Technicus Consulting take great pride and care in the services we offer our clients, regardless of the size of the project. Whilst we are pleased to provide design and consultancy services to clients for large onshore and offshore engineering projects, we also enjoy providing the same services to domestic clients for much smaller projects. Importantly, we provide a commercially competitive and high quality service regardless of the size of the project, evident from the fact that the majority of our work comes in the form of repeat business with existing client, and word of mouth recommendations.

At the smaller end of our work stream we provide structural surveys to clients looking to buy or sell domestic or commercial properties, structural defect remedial works advice and design services, and consultancy advice. We also offer structural design and consultancy services to clients looking to make minor structural alterations to their homes or business premises, including advice on the Building Regulations application process.

An example of a small project that we have recently undertaken involved structural design of a simple steel beam section to allow formation of a 3.0m wide bi-folding door opening. The beam was designed to support an existing traditional timber pitched and tiled roof structure, plus loads generated by a future loft conversion floor structure. Our client is in the process of renovating the property, and plans to convert the attic space in due course to form an additional bedroom. Whilst ensuring the steel beam has sufficient load capacity, limiting deflection of the new beam under the full design load was a critical part of the design bearing in mind the sensitivity of the sliding glass doors installed in the opening below.

The photos above show the new steel beam installed, and the external appearance once the bi-folding doors were installed and new render finishes applied. Our client is very pleased with the end result as the new opening has created a beautiful indoor – outdoor space that his family can make use of all year round. Previous to this alteration there was small high level window opening in the wall panel which now incorporates the bi-folding doors set, with a single leaf solid timber door providing access to the roof terrace.

This small structural alteration has transformed the property, bringing masses of daylight into the living space all year round much to our clients delight. Another small but satisfying project completed by Technicus Consulting’s Engineers.