John Clare Speaks about the Importance of our Tidal Defences in Great Yarmouth Business News publication

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In the Autumn 2017 edition of the Great Yarmouth Business News (Economic Development Newsletter) Technicus Consulting Director John Clare speaks about the importance that the River Yare tidal defences play in protecting thousands of local homes and businesses from tidal flooding. As Chairman of the Tidal Defences Business Partnership, John is passionate about making local people and businesses aware of the how vital our tidal defences are in reducing flood risk to valuable business premises, stock, equipment and homes. Furthermore, our highways and transport infrastructure which links us with the rest of the country, and further afield.

The Tidal Defences Business Partnership is an independent group, formed to represent local businesses, and driven to ensure the best possible outcomes for our organsations, residents and the wider town.  To find out more about the Tidal Defences Business Partnership, and how to get involved, click HERE

Great Yarmouth Business News Autumn 2017 – Tidal Defences Business Partnership News Article